Crowdfunding for everyone

Plebs was created to provide a simple, easy and effective platform for anyone wanting to fund a project. Money and time are often why we are forced to delay a project idea. We believe it is possible and you need to realize your dream and now you have the means to do so!


  • Establish your goals

    The first step is to clearly define your goals. How much money do you need? In how long? Why should people help you achieve your goal? Simple, but preparation is key.
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  • Define your project

    Add photos and videos, but be clear, transparent and honest. Do not be afraid to explain why and what you will do with the funds raised. makes it easy by offering you the option of using predefined layouts or make your own.
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  • Creation of contribution levels

    contribution levels are important to your project, offer several different levels and keep in mind that even a dollar is a dollar closer to your goal.
    We recommend providing a minimum of three contribution levels but the final decision is yours.
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  • Starting the project

    Your project can be ready in just three simple steps, and  you can now submit it to us for approval. Give us a minimum of 24 hours to make sure that your project meets our standards. Upon approval you will receive an automated email from us.
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  • Promote the project

    Promoting your project is paramount. We will help you promote your project among our networks, but you also need to dedicate time to promote your project also. Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, linkedIn, etc.. Friends, colleagues or even an ad in the newspaper! Talk to everyone about your project, but do not "spam" people
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